#NEWMEMBERMONDAY, SLAA Welcomes Our Newest Member, Zumper

SLAA News,

Zumper is your partner for smarter leasing.

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, we’ve developed an industry-first lead delivery engine, PowerLeads AI™. Our new platform delivers leads with up to 5x more detail level data, and our Power Prospect indicator identifies high-intent renters who are up to 3x more likely to lease. 

Zumper is on a mission to redefine the rental industry—where renting an apartment is as easy as booking a hotel. By making this vision a reality, we’re creating the opportunity for everyone to live better from one fresh start to the next. 

Zumper is the largest privately owned rental platform in North America. We're making renting easier, faster, and more human, from one #FreshStart to the next. 

Erin Carey

Regional Account Executive

M: (913) 206-5979 

Find more about Zumper when you visit the SLAA Directory: Click here! 

At the SLAA we love seeing members doing business with members. If you could use these services, connect with Zumper to see if it could be a good fit!