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The St. Louis Apartment Association was chartered in 1976 for the purpose of advancing the general welfare of the multifamily housing industry in the Metropolitan St. Louis area.

We strive to accomplish this goal by:

  • Developing, organizing and conducting educational programs and seminars and other educational forums for the benefit of the members and the industry. SLAA, in conjunction with the National Apartment Association, offers credential programs.  These programs are designed to help raise the professionalism in property management and provide better services to apartment renters and owners.

  • SLAA hosts several signature events, such as: Rising Star Awards Banquet, Golf Classic, Business Networking Expo (Reverse Trade Show), Fall Expo and Seminar, Bowling Social and our Holiday Social. 

  • Researching, developing, publishing, and disseminating of information and data on the multi-family housing industry such as Compensation and Benefits, Occupancy, rent levels, concessions, and other trends that affect the property management industry.

  • Encouraging within the industry a high appreciation of the objectives and responsibilities of the multi-family housing developers, owners, and operators in providing adequate housing.

  • Promoting the enactment and enforcement of local, state, and federal laws and regulations beneficial to the multi-housing industry and free enterprise.

  • Through its Legislative Committee, SLAA is keeping members informed of proposed changes in laws that will directly affect your property. We monitor relevant issues, property taxation, building codes and restrictions and landlord/tenant relationships.

  • Advocating high professional standards and sound business methods among its members for the best interests of the industry and the public.

  • Functioning cooperatively with the National Apartment Association and the Missouri Apartment Association. No individual owner or manager, by himself or herself, could afford to spend the time or money necessary to undertake the services offered by the St. Louis Apartment Association. You have the benefit of a competent group of officers and staff, experienced and familiar with the legislative procedures and means to mobilize resources and talent. Equally important is your active role as a member, giving you a voice in the development of programs, and advancing the interest of your property and business.

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We are a trade association representing the Owner / Management companies of the multifamily industry.

We're not qualified to give legal advice. If you need legal help for a particular problem you're having, we encourage you to check with an attorney or look for legal resources in your area that can assist you.

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