BluSky Restoration- NextGen Sponsor Spotlight

SLAA News,

BluSky Restoration Contractors provides all multi-family, commercial, residential, governmental and industrial customers restoration, renovation, environmental, and roofing services across the United States.  At BluSky, we don’t build things; we restore and rebuild them. Our engaged employees bring experience and teamwork to anyone who owns or manages property.   When a disaster occurs, our ability to assist property management customers, in more than just emergency response, is crucial. 

Stay ahead of disasters! When disaster strikes, a timely response is important. But pre-planning is even better. We’ve developed tools to help you and your team during these situations. Our First Aid Disaster Response Plan offers multi-family clients a way to help owners, managers and property employees be ready when disaster strikes.  This program includes:

  • Immediate assistance and priority response in the event of disaster
  • Pre-planning assistance to prepare you for any emergency
  • A trusted partner who knows you and your properties
  • Mobile Emergency App
    • Secure on-line place for your company’s disaster response protocols
    • Uploaded property information for easy access, from anywhere, at a moment’s notice

Recover faster and minimize your losses with our First Aid Disaster Response Plan!

If you would like to know more about our First Aid Disaster Response Planor have any questions call Angie Hickey at 314.330.4149