EverReady Services - NextGen Sponsor Spotlight

SLAA News,

EverReady Services is a premier carpet cleaning and repair company dedicated solely to the Multi-Family industry! They are a family-owned company who treats all their customers like family.  Their top priority is to establish a long term “win-win” relationship with their customers, which stems from the value they bring when it comes to SPEED, SERVICE, and SAVINGS.

Not only are they a carpet cleaning and repair company, but they also offer water restoration services 24/7, 365 days of the year.  They pride themselves on their speed and response time – when you have an emergency, time is the top priority!

They also deliver a straightforward pricing structure to save you time and money.  Call EverReady today to learn more about their services and pricing! (314) 925-7424 

**EverReady has been a member of the SLAA since 2012. One of their owners, Grant, is the 2nd Vice President of the Product and Service Council and received the VIP award in 2020**