SLAA Welcomes CD Strong Construction

SLAA News,
Please join us in welcoming one of our new members, CD Strong Construction !


CD Strong is one of St. Louis' premier roofing and siding contractors. Did you know that 80% of roofs being replaced don't need to be replaced but can usually have their life extended with repairs?
Here are some bullet points on what we do:
- We specialize in difficult leak location and repair.
- We show up to the job site when we say we are going to show up.
- We offer clear invoices with detailed pictures so that you know what you are paying for.
- Someone at CD Strong answers the phone 24/7 for any emergencies/questions.
- We can offer expert roof analysis and prepare budgets.
Call us at (636)465-3002 today to see how we can help you.


At the SLAA we love seeing members doing business with members. If you could use these services, connect with       
CD Strong Construction, and see if it could be a good fit!