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Jeffrey Promnitz


Chief Executive Officer

Zeffert & Associates

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Professional Bio

Zeffert & Associates, Inc. is a nationwide leader of affordable housing compliance. Since 1994, property managers, owners, syndicators, housing authorities, and state agencies have partnered with Zeffert for accuracy and speed on utility allowances, tenant file reviews, building accessibility, and training. Headquartered in St. Louis, Zeffert’s service excellence reaches every state and territory within the jurisdiction of the IRS, HUD, and USDA.

OUR VISION is to see a nation where serving those in need of affordable housing is easier than yesterday, less restrictive today, more certain tomorrow, and possible every single day.

OUR MISSION is to support the property managers, owners, syndicators, and agencies with quality education and consulting services and to do it better than anyone else through our speed in acquiring and delivering knowledge.

Key Experience:
* Affordable housing consulting
* Pedagogy
* Inspirational leadership
* Public speaking
* Customer Lifecycle Management
* Sales

Other Personal Interests:
* Affordable and fair housing advocate
* Cultural immersion and foreign language
* Philanthropy and volunteerism
* Running and cycling


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Areas of Expertise
Compliance Services, Consulting, Inspections, Professional Development, Training