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Garrett Bosqui

Garrett Bosqui

Owner Maverick SoftWash

Professional Bio

Garrett Bosqui is the Owner of Maverick SoftWash Roof & Exterior Cleaning.

Maverick SoftWash is a SoftWash Systems Five Star Company that is our best and brightest. Not only have they completed the same steps as the Certified Applicators and Authorized Professionals but they have capitalized on additional programs and capability levels that make them our most capable and highly decorated in-network companies in our system.

Five Star Companies complete more production (square feet cleaned) than any other of our in-network companies, they complete more technically difficult properties, and they soft wash the highest-profile of projects. These companies have been in our network for a minimum of two years and have proven themselves to be very capable.

Additionally, Five Star Companies have multiple trucks/crews equipped with the latest in SoftWash Systems equipment, chemicals, and training. These are soft washing businesses that are multiple employees and are run from physical/commercial offices. They attend yearly our annual in-network convention called Softwashapolooza and participate in regional training events like our Revolution Camps.

SoftWash Systems Five Star Companies have unparalleled experience within our network and can take on the projects that our Certified Applicators and Authorized Professionals are not equipped to. Projects like primer estate homes, government buildings, airports, theme parks, military installations, hospitals, and other cleaning projects whether sensitive by nature of the business they conduct or by the unique surfaces on the exterior of their buildings.

The best statement that describes our Five Star Companies is: “When using a SoftWash Systems Five Star Company you the property owner can rest assured that they are our best and brightest, completely capable, and are fully vested in our vision of providing the best exterior cleaning service, utilizing SoftWash Systems Technologies, worldwide”.


Maverick SoftWash Maverick SoftWash 3780 Rider Trail South
Earth City, MO 63045
SLAA Logo Supplier Partner

2015 & 2016 SoftWash Systems Authorized Professional
2016 SoftWash Systems Best Compnay Growth
2017 SoftWashy Systems Best Exemplified Company
2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 SoftWash Systems Five Star Company
2019 & 2020 SoftWash Systems Board Of Directors
Volunteer Work:
Ronald McDonald House of St. Louis Charities Yearly Free Cleaning of Grounds
Areas of Expertise
Cleaning & Maintenance, Cleaning Services, Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Roof Stain Removal