SLAA Welcomes Cam-Dex Security

SLAA News,

Please join us in welcoming one of our new members, Cam-Dex Security Corporation!

Cam-Dex Security - Our breadth of experience includes Healthcare, Manufacturing, Utilities, Retail, Property Management, Colleges/Universities, and Financial sectors. In the Government sector, our customers include Federal, State, and Municipal agencies nationwide.

Founded in 1957, Cam-Dex Security Corporation provides the very best care for our clients, with experienced professional security sales and service teams. We value establishing long-term relationships and being true to those relationships. Our flexibility allows us to meet each client’s specific project needs with our access to and certification for many trusted security equipment brands in access control, video surveillance, and customized.

Our clients’ background in security – whether they’re security experts or are new to implementing a security system, and whether they are IT professionals, property managers, facility managers, operations managers, security directors, or general and electrical contractors – our team of experienced professionals can consult with and advise all of our clients at their own level of knowledge.

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At the SLAA we love seeing members doing business with members. If you could use these services, connect with Cam-Dex Security and see if it could be a good fit!