#NewMemberMonday, SLAA Welcomes GrassWorx

SLAA News,


Please join us in welcoming one of our new members, GrassWorx™ 

GrassWorx™ is a proudly St. Louis based, and employee-owned company dedicated to sustainability. Our pet turf product, Natura™, is a first-of-its-kind hybrid turf that allows dogs to be dogs—they can smell the earth through the turf, and liquid waste and sunshine can safely pass through while still eliminating mud. Unlike traditional synthetic turfs, you can grow grass through it or simply let Natura serve as your turf surface. Natura is used in dog parks, pet businesses, and apartment complexes across the country to keep paws cleaner. 

GrassWorx also manufactures multi-family residential acoustic matting products under the GrassWorx brand, and InstaTurf®, an erosion control turf engineered to provide soil protection similar to 30" rock rip upon installation while promoting the long-term growth of real vegetation. 

At GrassWorx, we are inspired by nature to produce products that are lightweight yet durable, innovative but familiar, and simple yet life-changing. 

SLAA Supplier Partner Directory: https://www.slaa.org/supplier-directory/grassworx-llc 

At the SLAA we love seeing members doing business with members. If you could use these services, connect with GrassWorx™ to see if it could be a good fit!  #YOURSLAA #SLAAStrong