NAA's COVID-19 Microwebinar Series

The National Apartment Association (NAA) has been working diligently to create, gather and share information that may be beneficial to our members during this critical time.  

Take a look!  We hope you find these beneficial! 

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  • NAA Coronavirus Micro-Webinar: Teleworking Amid COVID-19 
  • NAA Coronavirus Micro-Webinar: Legislative and Regulatory Update 
  • NAA Coronavirus Micro-Webinar: How to Handle Maintenance During COVID-19 
  • NAA Coronavirus Micro-Webinar: How to Respond to the Media 
  • NAA Coronavirus Micro-Webinar: My Resident Tested Positive for COVID-19, Now What? 
  • NAA Coronavirus Micro-Webinar: Guidance for Suppliers Amid COVID-19 
  • NAA Coronavirus Micro-Webinar: Shelter in Place - Restrictions on Business Operations
  • NAA Coronavirus Micro-Webinar: The Importance of Continued Training 
  • NAA Coronavirus Micro-Webinar: New COVID-19 Federal Laws 
  • NAA Coronavirus Micro-Webinar: Rent Collections, Late Fees, Filings, Payment Plans

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