National Apartment Association

COVID-19 is creating stress for everyone right now, but as a property management professional, you have the additional challenge of serving residents during this unique time. 

Sign-up for a variety of webinars listed below happening this week and access the many other resources such as recorded webinars and online courses through Visto to help you and your team continue to navigate challenges surrounding COVID-19, including managing your own stress level and that of your residents. 

Upcoming NAA Webinars

Working with Loan Servicers During the COVID-19 Emergency

COVID-19’s impacts on our industry continue to be dramatic. Housing providers are looking at all potential scenarios for managing the financial health of their properties. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Assessing Impacts on The Economy, Household Sentiment and the Apartment Market

The coronavirus pandemic has profoundly impacted all aspects of daily life in the U.S. Join us for an in-depth webinar presentation that will explore the outlook for the U.S. economy, household behavior, market-level performance and key findings from a recent NAA survey.