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Rising Star Nomination Guidelines

Rising Star Nomination Guidelines

Friday, November 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM (CDT) to Monday, December 16, 2019 at 5:00 PM (CST)

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St. Louis Apartment Association

2020 Rising Star Award Categories

Rising Star Award Nomination Guidelines

The 2020 Rising Star Awards Banquet is scheduled on Friday evening, April 24th, at the Sheraton Westport Lakeside Chalet. 

The St. Louis Apartment Association (SLAA) Rising Star Awards were created to recognize outstanding members for their professionalism, hard work and contributions to the apartment industry.  Award winners represent the best of the best in the St. Louis Metro area apartment industry.  We hope this is an experience that you and your nominees will treasure for a lifetime.

To help thru this process, here is a recap of the nomination policies and procedures, instructions and other pertinent details that will ensure your nominations are submitted properly. 

It's important that you read everything very carefully and follow the directions, otherwise your nominations will not be accepted.

Questions contact the SLAA Office at  

  • The 2020 Rising Star Awards Call for Nominations will be sent to all members on Friday, November 1, 2019.
  • Nomination fee, if submitted by November 22nd is $45.00/per nominee.
  • Nomination fee, if submitted AFTER November 22nd is $55.00/per nominee.
  • Final deadline to submit nominations is Monday, December 16th at 5:00 pm.

Policies and Guidelines:  

  • Please note: If a nominee leaves a company for any reason, they are automatically disqualified as a nominee.
  • Please note: Effective 2016, winners are not eligible to win in the same category for two consecutive years.
  • All nominees must be a member of the St. Louis Apartment Association for one year.
  • All nominees must have been in their respective position for at least six months at the time of nomination, except for Rising Star of the Year and Rookie of the Year under the vendor categories.
  • A minimum of 2 nominations from each category must be received, or individuals and/or properties will be merged with the appropriate category.
  • Unless otherwise noted, it is our plan to present three (3) awards per category. (For example - leasing professional, 1 – 200 units, 201 – 400 units or 401+ units)
  • Vendors are not allowed to nominate property management company individuals or properties.

Nomination Instructions:

  • Nominations must be submitted on-line.
  • PDF files will be not accepted.
  • All nominees: Please submit one, (1) Word document that includes both the narrative and nominee photo.   
  • Be sure all template fields are completed with the requested information.
  • Property of the Year nominees, please submit one (1) Word document that includes both the narrative and property photos. Be sure one of the photos included is of your monument sign with your community's name visible.
  • Management company nominees must submit the nomination form, via the link below.
  • Management company nominees must submit 2 hard copies of your company portfolio, outlining the information requested, by the deadline date of December 16 at 5:00 pm.   It must arrive in the SLAA office (either hand delivered or mailed) by the deadline date.

Special note to our Supplier Partners

Community Service Award

  • Supplier Partners can submit their community service project(s). Nominations received from both supplier partners and property management projects will be merged into the same category and one award will be presented.
  • Supplier Partners can nominate their own company for National or Local Supplier Partner of the Year. However, 3 client testimonials must be submitted with each nomination.

Interview process for all nominees:

  • All nominees will be interviewed by out-of-town property management professionals. Exact dates will be determined after the first of the year.
  • All properties will be shopped and visited by out-of-town judges in late January or late February. Properties will be notified the week prior that the judges are in town to visit.  We suggest that your team takes their lunch between noon and 1:00 pm each day that week, as the judges will not visit during this time. 

Finally, these policies are meant to provide structure and fairness to this process.  Any unforeseen situation will be addressed by the Rising Star Executive Committee.

Award Categories:

Award categories give property management members the opportunity to honor a team member, property, and/or their company. Click on the category names below to add your nomination(s).
Management Awards

  1. Rising Star of the Year
  2. Groundsperson/Housekeeping of the Year
  3. Maintenance Technician of the Year
  4. Maintenance Supervisor of the Year
  5. Leasing Professional and/or Director of the Year
  6. Assistant Manager of the Year
  7. Property Manager of the Year (Market & Affordable)
  8. Multi-site Supervisor of the Year
  9. Multi-site Maintenance Supervisor/Capital Improvement Director of the Year
  10. Behind the Scenes Professional of the Year
  11. Community Service Award (Individual)
  12. Salesperson of the Year (this award is for an individual supplier partner member that provides you or your company with first-class customer service.)
  13. Community Service Award (Team)
  14. Management Company of the Year
  15. Property of the Year

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