2024 Product & Service Council - Call for Nominations

To be an effective council member you need to completely understand your duties and responsibilities. 

Please read the following criteria very carefully before submitting this nomination.  Nominations will not be accepted without your signature of acceptance.  

Currently, there are three (3) seats available on the council. 

An Informed Council Member is an Effective Council Member: 

  • Willing to give time and talents to promote the growth and success of the council
  • Understands and is committed to the council’s purpose
  • To serve the interests of all supplier members and allow open two-way communication to facilitate the group’s needs.
  • To organize the supplier members of SLAA to further promote our goals and objectives with the SLAA
  • To follow the Code of Ethics, Regulations of the SLAA, and principles adopted by the Council.\Attends council meetings, actively participating in the conversation and contributing knowledge on behalf of your supplier partner colleagues. Council meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday in February, April, June, August, October & December, at 9:00 am in the SLAA Office. 
  • Council members are encouraged to coordinate and support SLAA functions.
  • Be an enthusiastic and knowledgeable voice for the council and association
  • Be available to serve on the planning & instrumentation of specific events, to be determined by the council.
  • Recognize your role as an important member of a team and a leader of the apartment industry, supporting policies which have been adopted by the council, even if you personally disagree