2024 Board of Directors - Call for Nominations 

The board of directors are the main decision-making body of the association; therefore, a board member must be well informed, prudent, and responsive to the needs of the association.  To be an effective board member you need to understand the foundation of your duties and responsibilities. 

The board must ensure the continuity of the association by: 

  • Willing to give time and talents to promote the growth and success of the association
  • Understands and is committed to the organization's mission
  • Ensure the association remains fiscally sound
  • Establishing and reviewing policies and procedures that support the association
  • Acts as an advocate for the organization, promoting SLAA to members, and most importantly your colleagues
  • Works closely with the Association Executive answering industry related questions on an ongoing basis.
  • Attends board and committee meetings, actively participating in the conversation and contributing knowledge on behalf of your company

If this is something you are interested in, click on the "READ MORE" link, and follow the directions for submitting your nomination.  Questions, all the SLAA office at 314.205.8844.