Board of Director, call for nomination - 

The board of directors are the main decision-making body of the association. Therefore, a board member must be well informed, prudent, and responsive to the needs of the association. To be an effective board member you need to understand the foundation of your duties and responsibilities.    

Currently there is one (1) seat available. 

Before submitting your nomination, please take a moment to download the attached document which briefly outlines board members general, but not limited to responsibilities. 


Nominations will not be accepted without your signature of acceptance. Please review, sign, then email the document to me at by Monday, February 6. 

On or around February 15, the nominating committee and the association executive will coordinate a meeting with nominees to discuss the election process. 

Then an "official ballot" with nominee bios will be sent electronically to (1) one representative from each member company. Each member company is allowed only one vote. Newly elected board members will be announced on or around March 15th.